Thursday, December 15, 2011

Altec Lansing's Custom Series ear buds are built custom to fit your ears

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They aren't the first company to make these. Do a search for custom made earbuds.

That being said, the cheap ones are still around $275 (last time I checked anyway) where they send you the mold kit and create the molds yourself.

Another option, and the route I took, was to get a cheap set of in ear buds off ebay $3, and a couple packs of sugru... Some moldable silicon from Europe.
Seat the buds in your ears with the best fitting tip on them, stuff sugru around the bud itself, filling the outer ear.
Let it set for about 30 min (you won't be able to hear much outside noise during this period), then gently remove them and let them harden over night.
Quick, custom ear buds for around $12... With a microphone.
Just be sure you get a good sounding pair of buds to start with; I got lucky with the ones I got. Most of the cheap buds on ebay are too bass heavy, or have a lousy balance. Depending on the type of music you prefer, the proper balance will change.

I've had these for about a year now, and the cord is starting to fray close to the earbuds, but they still sound amazing, with near perfect sound isolation, even on the subway.
But for $12, it won't hurt nearly as much to replace them, and a year of abuse from being shoved in pockets is about all any headphones can take anyway.
It also wouldn't be a disaster if they got lost.

As good as the real things? Maybe not. But for the price, they are a billion times better than non customized earbuds.

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