Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Karuma's PlayBase is a capable and durable tablet for kids

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Summary: Tired of sharing your iPad with your kids? Karuma may have your solution.

As the iPad has become more popular, parents have become a lot more interested in alternatives for Apple’s tablet that are made especially for kids.

The PlayBase is one of those tablets. Designed by Singapore-based company Karuma, the PlayBase is an Android-powered 7-inch tablet built to withstand even the most sizable beatings. Its durability comes from PlayCover, a silicone wrap that protects the tablet from water, scratches, and damage from falls.

Featuring a 1.2GHz processor, 8GB of flash memory, and an upgradable SD card slot, the PlayBase is pretty capable for a tablet aimed at kids. The device also features a front-facing camera and a 5-hour battery life. Though its still running a skinned version of Gingerbread, Karuma gave the PlayBase’s 1GB RAM with the intention of offering upgrades to later versions of Android, including Ice Cream Sandwich.

But the PlayBase is not especially cheap. Karuma is asking $270 (£169) for the thing, and while thats roughly the range that 7-inch tablets sell for, its hard not to shake the feeling that the tablet could had been a tad bit cheaper. Available December 1st.

Ricardo Bilton writes for ZDNet's The ToyBox. His work has appeared in The Japan Times, The New York Observer, and The International Business Times, among other publications.

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