Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Apple's iPhone 4S issues show the problem with being an early adopter

AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota
@jhughesy No, you are BOTH wrong.

First we need to clearly define the parameters of what we are talking about here.

THIS BATTERY PHENOMENON IS **NOT** AN iPHONE 4S ISSUE. There, now that we understand that, let's call it what it is--a bug in iOS, that also happens to affect other, non-4S iphones that upgraded on release day.

Now, Siri, a "beta" product by definition and clear announcement, is certainly going to have outages as servers are moved and load balancing takes place. That said, I find it to be very poor planning to have ALL voice recognition offloaded to the cloud--especially when the 3GS and 4 had speech recognition for commands that were processed IN-DEVICE. I hope they eventually see that as a step backward and not forward.

Now, people want to compare this to things like the "red ring of death" from the X-Box? The two are hardly comparable.

My iPhone 4S isn't having battery trouble, and if it were, I'd turn off the error reporting and contact syncing that is clearly causing the abundance the problems. But still, that in no way renders my device unusable, a la "red ring"

I'm not an apologist. I'm a little annoyed with these problems from a perception point a view. But the device still ranks, and will continue to rank, as the highest mobile device--on record--in consumer satisfaction.

This is tech, and things go wrong. These are small things, not halting usability.

You want a REAL failure? A sense of scope? Just ask the Canadians, whose non-beta, "mission critical" email services went offline for almost half a week.

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